2011-2012 Art Renewal Center “International Salon”

Oil on birch panel. 16″ x 20″. 2010

So it is now official! The finalists of this year’s ARC “International Salon” have been announced & posted on the ARC site and I am beyond thrilled to say that my name is among them. My painting “Conner on Summer Break” was chosen as a finalist in the very competitive figurative category. I first got word of its selection at the annual Portrait Society of America’s conference in Philly in May (more about that to come) when artists that I know and admire kept congratulating me for the honor of having been selected. It was both a very surreal and humbling experience. To have my name included among so many of my “art heroes” is still hard to wrap my head around but I am so very grateful it happened. To be sure it has done one thing above all else–it has given me a burning desire to paint, paint, paint & push myself harder. And that to me is the greatest gift and the most unexpected.

To view my painting and those of the other artists selected as finalists in the figurative category click here.  http://www.artrenewal.org/pages/salon_winners.php?contest=2011-2012%20Salon&page=Figurative

Love/Hate Relationship With My Power Company

Photo reenactment of the “Derecho-geddon” that hit my house this weekend. And no, I do not live in a cornfield. Only near one–there is a big difference.

On Friday night while I was minding my own business, just chillaxing after an enjoyable day of copying at the National Gallery of Art. This brutish storm came along suddenly and crashed in on my otherwise very ordinary Friday night.  I have never in my life experienced a storm quite like this. As far as the eye could see were bolts of lightning touching the ground. So many bolts of lightning and so frequently did they appear that the entire sky was flashing like an eerie lightbulb about to go out . Then of course there was that tremendous wind that battered my house for about an hour which left us screaming like sissies and running down to the basement to hunker down alla Dorothy and Toto style. That evening we lost our power. And it did not return for almost 4 DAYS which ended–oh, just about 5 hours ago! And thus began my love/hate relationship with my power company, NOVEC.

But two wonderful things happened that are the direct result of my power company. 1). My power is back on – Woo Hoo! and 2).  I found out that 4 of my painting and drawing students (whom I teach in my studio) placed as finalists in the NOVEC Cooperative Living Magazine’s Youth Art Contest! And 3 of them SWEPT their entire Third Grade Division placing 1st, 2nd & 3rd!

My hearty congrats go out to Brooke Connolly, Claire Troiano, Anna Kelly and Eve Brown. Click on the link below to see their artwork on pages 15 & 16 of the current July 2012 issue of NOVEC Cooperative Living Magazine. I could not be more proud of you girls!  http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/?i=116592

And NOVEC–I am big enough to say I was wrong in doubting you.

And yes, I take it all back.  Sheesh!