VIDEO: Testing Arches Oil Paper

Great little video post by the fabulous Lisa Gloria showcasing her approach to working with Arches oil paper. Enjoy!

Lisa Gloria

I had some Arches oil paper in my studio for a while, and my first attempts with it were abysmal. I tried a few more times and found that washing in some “soup” (half linseed, half turp) and then painting into that was better, but still, it is paper. The same thing that’s a feature to some people – its absorbancy – is the thing I don’t like. The soup cuts that back, but it still stains so it is difficult to rub out areas for big (or small) corrections.

On the other hand, you can cut it to any size, and the texture is really nice. One of the reasons I do not do watercolor is the buckling paper makes me batty, and this paper doesn’t do that at all. Not even with soup all over it.

I’ll keep at it, but it’s not my favorite thing, to be…

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