2012 “Expressions” Portrait Competition Finalists

Judge and acclaimed artist Kurt Schwarz standing beside his beautiful painting “Lina”. It is a tradition at the Expressions Competition that the jurors and judge display their artwork leading into the finalist galleries. Think of it as a visual display of their qualifications. I’d say Schwarz here is qualified enough, wouldn’t you?

Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the opening for the 2012 “Expressions” portrait competition at Artspace Herndon. This is my second year as a finalist and I can proudly tell you that the caliber of this year’s show is exceptional. The jurors, artist Tricia Cherrington Ratliff and Caron Broadway Moody, of Broadway Gallery did a wonderful job pairing down the 107 submissions into a show of 25 portraits showcasing a strong display of technical achievements. Of those 25, Judge Kurt Schwarz had the difficult task of selecting the winners and after much admitted deliberation, awarded 1st place honors to Mark Giaimo, “Portrait of Marlis” (oil), 2nd place honors to Lorena Selim, “Waiting for Mr. Right” (oil) and 3rd place honors to Gavin Glakas, “Decisions (My Wife Jasmine)” (oil). Two Honorable Mentions went out to Suzanne Vigil, “La Rue” (colored pencil) and Ron Primm, “Dray” (oil).

Below are just a sample of the paintings on display, including one of my own (click on the images to enlarge them). The exhibit will be up through December 9th. Click here for directions and a link to the Artspace Herndon Website.  If you live in the DMV it is a show not to be missed!

In the center, Honorable Mention Suzanne Vigil “La Rue” and on the right my painting “Independence Day”.
Close up of my painting, “Independence Day”.
First place honors went to this painting by Mark Giaimo, “Portrait of Marlis”. Unfortunately my picture of it is a little blurry–the original thankfully, is not.
On the left is the 2nd place honors winner Lorena Selim, “Waiting for Mr. Right”.
On the left a painting by Eric Westbrook. In the center a painting by Patricia McMahon Rice.
On the left, 2nd place honor winner Gavin Glakas, “Decision (My Wife Jasmine)” and on the right a painting by Christine Lashley.
On the left, Honorable Mention winner Ron Primm “Dray” and to the right another painting by Patricia McMahon Rice.
In the center “Sleeping Angel” by Jill Brabant.

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