2 thoughts on ““Independence Day” (Sparkler detail)

  1. Of course you know what I think of your work Suzanne! but Ill make a comment anyway! The Independance day painting is my favorite of yours..You have caught a freshness in your Son that only a Mother could paint..the the general theme of a child with a sparkler stikes a childhood cord with most of us..As a child it was what I looked forward to the most,being able to “hold” a firework..! Technically,the work is very well executed..the sparkler is unusual and full of life. This is a very original portrait!

    1. Thank you Belita! I am so honored to have you comment on my work as you know how much of a fan I am of yours! I too feel that this painting, “Independence Day” is very special and is a real departure for me in terms of brushwork. It is also special of course because it is of my son and recalls the first time he ever held a sparkler–the delight clearly evident on his face. Your interpretation of it is exactly what I wanted to project. Thank you very much for your comment!

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