Women Painting Women “Face Off”–Taking Names and Kicking A$$!

The Women Painting Women “Face Off” at the Principle Gallery Friday, August 17th. Shown from left to right: Cindy Procious, Mia Bergeron & Rachel Constantine.

“Veni, Vidi, Vici” was the apparent motto for Mia Bergeron, Rachel Constantine, Cindy Procious & Terry Stickland this past Friday night when they came to town to show off their mad painting skills during the Women Painting Women “Face Off” at the Principle Gallery. The WPW ladies were set up in the middle of the gallery and painted from the same model with periodic breaks from 6:30 – 9:00 PM. I’d like to tell you that I took copious notes to share with you about their alla prima technique but that would be a lie as I spent most of the time two fisted, juggling my camera and glass of wine. And in complete disclosure, me and my homie arrived half an hour late so we didn’t get to see their initial block-ins. But I can tell you that by the time we arrived they all already had really strong starts on their paintings and it only got better from there on out.

On a personal note I want to thank Mia, Rachel, Cindy, Terry, Alex & Diane for a great GNO (as well as my homies Dana, Tricia & Liz)! And thanks to Michelle, Clint & Meghan at the Principle Gallery who really know how to throw an awesome opening.

Here are some pictures I took from that night. If any of them are blurry, blame it on the yummy chardonnay.

Mia Bergeron flexing her impressive painting muscle during the WPW “Face Off”.
Rachel Constantine with her beautiful painting. Watching Rachel paint is a real thrill. I am convinced her swift brush handling could medal in Olympic fencing.
The fabulous Cindy Procious showing off both her painting and MacGyver skills (notice her clever mahl stick made out of a dowel, wire hanger & electrical tape).
Terry Strickland rocking both the grisaille and alla prima methods.
Rachel Constantine’s luscious candy colored palette. Doesn’t it look good enough to eat?
Terry Strickland’s gravity defying upright palette.
Mia Bergeron’s beautiful finished painting. Some lucky collector bought it right off the easel.
Cindy Procious’ finished painting. This gorgeous painting was bought straight off the easel too!
The WPW ladies enjoying a well deserved round of applause at the culmination of their “Face Off”.

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