3 thoughts on ““Portrait of Virginia Fox”

  1. I adore your paintings, Ms. Lago Arthur, and your drawings are equally exquisite. Consider me blown away.

    “Portrait of Virginia Fox” is an extraordinary work. She leaps right off of the page. I love that her gaze is directed to the right of the viewer, which, for me, adds an additional narrative. Oh, this work thrills me!

    1. Thank you Courtenay for your wonderful comment! I would say that you and I now have entered into a mutual admiration club. 🙂 I only found your blog yesterday and I enjoyed it immensely–especially your post about failure/artistic growth. I have already forwarded it to a couple of my friends–it was that great!

      1. A mutual admiration society is fine by me! Your paintings and drawings really do amaze me. I love it when beautiful style and great technique are well-married, and your work has these two qualities, and so much more.

        Thank you for finding my “failure/growth” story enjoyable, and thank you for forwarding it to several of your friends. My heart is all a-glow. 🙂

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